Youth Programs

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders. At this critical time in their young lives it is important they have access to positive experiences, role models, and opportunities for objective, self-evaluation. Check out some of the opportunities we offer to the young people of Glen Cairn

Adult & Senior Programs

We recongize the value and wisdom our adult citizens bring to the community. With that in mind we offer a variety of events and activities that assist, inspire and educate our adult and senior populations. Explore our Adults/Seniors section to find out more.

Family Adult Community Coordinator 

At the Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre, we look to empower community members through guidance and advice in relation to available resources that could help them accomplish goals and overcome challenges. Find out what our FACC program can do for you.

Ontario Works

Children's Programs

Children are our future, and as such, it is of great importance that they are nutured, engaged, loved and educated throughout their growing lives. Check out some of the programs and services we have for the kids of Glen Cairn