Settlement Services

Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre has established settlement services for all status Newcomers.  Our project is geared towards helping newcomers to integrate in their neighborhoods. It seeks to enhance the settlement and employment supports available to vulnerable newcomers, those who are at risk, and those who face significant settlement barriers due to factors such as low education, low official language fluency, high health or mental health needs, and/or disability. We will be working to provide targeted and specialized programming adapted to the needs of individuals and families with any immigration status (Assistance to all status: GAR, PR, PSR, BVOR, RC, International Students, Migrant workers etc.)


Crisis Settlement Services

The Crisis Settlement Worker provides newcomer families of any status with the basic needs, education, and support to integrate into Canadian society. 


Focusing on advocacy, appropriate referrals to social agencies, and the overall needs of each family, the Crisis Settlement Worker uses a strength based approach to ensure that the resettlement process is successful. 


Programs and supports include:

  • Crisis interventions

  • Advocacy

  • Referrals

  • Informative based workshops that promote independence, literacy, education, employment, and social assimilation.


Women's  Integration Services

The Women's Integration Worker has a focus on empowering, educating and advocating for women and their rights within Canadian society.  Women specific integration services assist all status women by helping them integrate, contribute, and become active members in their communities. 


Programs include:

  • Conversation circles with a wide variety of topics relevant to today’s needs

  • Skill based workshops such as sewing classes, computer literacy, social skills with a focus on societal norms and values

  • Basic life skills workshops that incorporate parenting, transportation, employment, education, etc.


Youth Settlement Services

We also offer settlement based services for newcomer youth age 11 – 24 that includes social integration, day camps, volunteer opportunities and much more.   The youth settlement worker has a focus on empowering youth and with a holistic approach encourages them to become active members of society through various volunteer opportunities (youth council, school hours towards graduation, programming), educational based workshops such as job skills, positive social skills, homework help, etc. and advocacy to ensure their rights are being met within Canadian society.  The Youth Settlement worker will work with all youth and their families to keep them involved within their communities and promotes social integration, physical and mental wellness (sports, physical activities), and their imaginations at work through various crafts, activities, games and much more.


Food Families

Settlement Services Team

Women`s Integration Worker – Serin Issa

Youth Settlement Worker – Justin McGuire

Crisis Settlement Worker – Samia Alnahdi

Other Settlement Services:

  • Referrals

  • Advocacy

  • Basic Needs

  • Medical Referrals

  • Employment Services

  • Education

  • Interpretation/Translation

  • Social Development/Integration

  • Family Crisis

  • Women Integration

  • Youth Integration

  • Outreach

Food Families

Attention Newcomer Parents/ Care Givers and everyone in between. Master tangible and easy ways to increase your families buying power while learning practical and affordable tips to eat and live healthy!

Ages: Adults Only

Dates: TBD

Times: TBD

Location: TBD

$20 Deposit required (will be returned at program completion)

Child Minding Available (upon request)


*Commitment to all weeks required.

*Limited space. Registration required.