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Board of Directors

Board Chair 

Margaret Wills


Petra Taylor 


Diane Gee


Sonja Radoja


Lorna Gunning-Fratschko


Robert Morris 


Michelle Ste Croix


Nicole Buteau



Interested in joining our Board of Directors?

We are a neighborhood-based non-profit organization offering a wide range of programs and services in Southeast London with an emphasis on creating lasting social impact and change. Since our inception in 1986, we have worked with children, youth, families, and seniors building capacity in our neighborhoods. We believe every individual and family has natural strengths. Our role is to help them realize their strengths. By doing this, they can influence change in their lives, the well-being of others, and their community.

We are a Governance Board, meeting once a month, 10 times a year. As a Board member, you participate in monthly meetings; provide policy for the organization and leadership to help guide the Centre towards our Vision and Mission. In addition, the Board has Committees you may be asked to serve on. 

If you have an interest in building social capacity, food security, and healthy neighborhood change we would love to talk to you. 

Skills Preferred:

  • Enjoy a group of Positive People

  • Leadership

  • Fundraising

  • Communication

  • Human Resources

  • Good Attitude

Contact Stanislav Rajic, our Executive Director, for more information.

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