Thank you to all of our partners and Donors that made our renovation of our warehouse into a community kitchen possible! 


Forever Legacy Foundation 


Estate of D. Smith 

In 2014, Glen Carin CRC staff dreamed to construct a community shared kitchen in their rather under-utilized warehouse.


By 2015, the Centre fundraised for the project but it fell short by $200,000.00 dollars in order to complete the project. At the beginning of 2019, Ontario Trillium Foundation came to the rescue, by granting the Centre $150,000.00.

Following this generous support, The Centre was able to start the project. In December 2020, despite all hurdles due to COVID pandemic, the Centre was able to complete the project. Now we have a facility where we can provide our community the space for teaching, learning, and growing together. The reverse side of our kitchen is more industrial and is more tailored for food processing that will help us grow the employment skills of future food service workers.

Our dream of almost a decade, has now became a reality!